[Nongshim] Neoguri Ramyun Spicy 120g (EXP. DATE 28June21)

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THIS BATCH OF ITEMS ARE SET TO EXPIRE ON JUNE 28, 2021. That's why it's on 50% off

is a Korean brand of Ramyun since 1982 well known for its thick noodles and its spicy seafood flavor. It is the first "Udon" type of Ramyun that features a deep and clean broth with plump and al dente noodles. Chunks of Korean kelp became the unique characteristic of Neoguri adding taste and nutrition.

Available in 2 variant:

  • Spicy
  • Mild


  • Pc= 120g
  • Box of 30 = 30*120g
  • Box of 40 = 40*120g